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Ultimate BA Workshop Combo: Perfecting AI Collaboration & Harnessing Your Strengths. In today's rapidly evolving digital landscape, AI is reshaping the way we work. But as technical skills are being complemented by AI, where do you stand? Introducing the Ultimate BA Workshop Combo, a transformative series designed explicitly for forward-thinking Business Analysts. Dates: 8, 15 Feb 2024 & 5, 29 Feb, 7 March 2024



Navigating AI in Business & Building on Your Strengths. With the rise of AI in the business world, our roles and tasks are changing. As AI takes on more of the technical work, where does that leave you? Dive into the BA Workshop Combo, crafted specifically for Business Analysts eager to adapt and grow in this new environment.


The Combo Workshop Series consists of 4 scheduled live-instructor led 2 hour long workshop sessions with practical real world examples, templates and assignments and fun quizzes. 

  • Workshops 1 & 2: AI Collaboration Framework | 8 & 15 Feb 2024, 5pm - 7pm Australian Eastern Standard Time - Learn more

  • Workshop 3 & 4: BA Competency Enhancement Using CliftonStrengths® |  29 Feb & 7 March 2024, 5pm - 7pm Australian Eastern Standard Time - Learn more

You have full access to the online workshop facilitator is available to you during the workshop series. They will provide you with assistance, answer your questions and provide assignment feedback (where applicable). 

This Combo Workshop Series is a great way to start your preparation for the future of Business Analysis.

ENTRY REQUIREMENTS: All experience levels are welcome and will gain value from this workshop series.


Business Analysis core skills remains essential for BAs to establish in order to be effective when performing your role with or without AI tools and hence we decided to include this bonus for everyone interested to join our workshop!

You are enrolled for the following foundational IIBA® endorsed course in addition to this workshop series:

  • Business Analysis Foundation Course (earn 21 PD hours)
  • The Power of Strengths for Individuals digital workbook
  • Unlimited support and 12 months access to BAE Portal


Once you registered for the Combo Workshop Series, you will receive the Zoom Details to use to join each workshop as scheduled. You will also be onboarded in our BAE Portal where additional workshop materials will made available to you. ALL WORKSHOP SESSIONS ARE RECORDED AND UPLOADED TO THE BAE PORTAL FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE.

You will receive the details of your individually assigned certified tutor who will be available to answer any questions during the workshop series. The workshop series works as follows:

  • You join via Zoom on the scheduled date & time.
  • Each session is recorded and made available in your BAE Portal dashboard.
  • Each workshop will assign a short practical assignment you can complete - optional. It will be reviewed with feedback by your facilitator.
  • If you attend both workshops in the series, you will receive a completion certificate.


All of your workshop resources will be available via our BAE Learning Management Portal. It is a user friendly and easy to use online platform that you can access from any where in the world and from any device.

Workshop Topics

WORKSHOPS 1 & 2 OUTLINE: AI Collaboration Framework

Workshop 1: AI in BA: A Compass for Ethical Integration

Integrate: Incorporating AI into Business Analysis Workflows

  • Understanding the AI landscape and its relevance for Business Analysts.

  • Identifying opportunities where AI can augment BA activities.

  • Essential tools and platforms that enhance and support analysis activities and outputs.

Ethically: Ensuring Transparent AI Utilization

  • Addressing ethical challenges in the world of Business Analysis when leveraging AI.

  • Committing to principles of fairness, transparency, and integrity when using AI tools.

  • Evaluating and validating AI results to ensure they are unbiased and accurate.

Workshop 2: Precision & Balance: Navigating the Human-AI Interface

Precision: The Art of Question Design

  • Embracing the intricacies of prompt engineering and Business Analysis.

  • Designing questions optimized for both AI and human interactions to yield the most insightful responses.

  • Learning from examples that demonstrate how nuanced question framing can influence results.

Synergy: Balancing Human Insight & AI Capabilities

  • Recognizing the importance of balancing human intuition with AI-driven insights.

  • Cultivating and maintaining human relationships in an AI-focused workspace.

  • Making informed decisions that combine the best of both AI and human judgment.

WORKSHOPS 3 & 4 OUTLINE: BA Competency Using CliftonStrengths®

Workshop 3: The BA X-Factor: A compass for self-awareness

NameIT: Overview and Understanding of CliftonStrengths®

  • Uncover your unique X-Factor identified through the CliftonStrengths® assessment

  • Gain practical tools and valuable insights for applying your strengths to boost productivity, engagement, and competencies.

  • Foundation in strengths-based development, encouraging creative thinking and visual interpretation.

  • A walkthrough of CliftonStrengths® results and their 34 themes, enabling participants to harness their behavioural characteristics, such as adaptability

ClaimIT: Claim the Power and Edge of your Strengths

  • Explore how CliftonStrengths affect who people are, what they do, and their contributions, needs and values. Learn to practice using your dominant Strengths to accomplish specific tasks or respond to situations.

  • Uncover the potential blind spots of Strengths and determine ways to apply your Strengths in a more effective manner.

  • Collaborative reflections, where participants resonate their strengths with real-world scenarios, amalgamating their problem-solving and conceptual thinking competencies.

  • Develop your innate talents into powerful strengths.

Workshop 4: Developing skills for the future: A Strengths-Based approach to developing Underlying Competencies

Insight: Understanding IIBA® Competencies

  • Overview of the Underlying Competencies and how they underpin the BA role.

  • Detailed examination and alignment of CliftonStrengths® to competencies such as Analytical Thinking, Communication Skills, and Interaction Skills.

  • Interactive sessions that extrapolate the strengths to competencies like leadership, influencing, and teamwork.

AimIT: Applying Strengths to IIBA® Competencies

  • Review Competency survey results, identifying areas for development.

  • Constructive guidance to formulate SMART goals, intertwining strengths with IIBA competencies, fostering a holistic development path.

  • Crafting a personal development trajectory, empowering BAs with tools to enhance negotiation, conflict resolution, and facilitation skills.

How it works



This workshop series is IIBA® Endorsed and you will earn 6 PD hours / CDUs upon successful completion.


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