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Get ahead in the field of Business Process Management with our comprehensive introduction to BPMN v2.0. This online course covers the fundamental concepts and provides a solid understanding of the BPMN v2 notation. The hands-on program includes practical case study based assignments, where you'll get to apply your newfound knowledge of the BPMN v2.0 process modelling notation and receive individual feedback from our expert tutors. Whether you're a beginner or looking to advance your skills, this course is the perfect path to success.


What Is This Course About?

At the end of this course the student will have solid foundation knowledge of all the most important Business Process Management, Analysis and Implementation concepts in the context of Business Process Analysis.

The student will be able to practically apply the business process management approach with specific BPMN v2.0 capabilities. The student will cover the concepts of BPMN v2.0 levels and what role Business Analysis plays in the business process implementation programs of work.

Who Should Do This Course?

This course is for people who are working in, or moving into, the sphere of business process analysis and who require a skills in applying the BPMN v2.0 modelling technique. The course applies the fundamental business process management and analysis activities within the business organisation.


No specific experience required.

IIBA® Endorsement: You earn 21 PD Hours /CDUs upon successful completion of this course.

How Long Does This Course Take To Complete?

The course consists of 10 online lessons which will take the student between 1 hour - 2 hours each to complete. Therefore if the student sets aside approximately 22 hours over a period of a few weeks to complete this course, it will be ample time.

The course consists of 10 Lessons including 2 Lessons which are pure Practical Application Assignments and 8 Online Knowledge Tests. The course has a Final Course Assessment of 40 multiple choice exam based questions.

All student materials and reference materials are included as part of this course. You don't need to purchase anything further to complete this course.

You have 12 months to complete this course.

How Is This Course Delivered & Supported?

The course is online and available 'on demand'. This means you can do the lessons at anytime that suits your schedule. You can download all the provided student materials for reviewing 'off line' as well.

You have full access to an online tutor assigned to you during the course. They will provide you with assistance, answer your questions and provide assignment feedback. This is an interactive course while it also gives you full control over when and where you choose to complete your lessons from.


Course Outline

Each theme below is supported by Practical Assignments (student submits to online tutor for review), Online Knowledge Quizzes and/or Case Studies.

How it works

How It Works

Once you enrolled in the BAE Stage 3 Business Process fundamentals using BPMN v2.0 Course you will be able to start training straight away.

You will receive the details of your individually assigned certified tutor who will be available to answer any questions during your training. The course works as follows:

  • The course lessons are designed to take between 1-2 hours to complete and the course has a total of 10 lessons.
  • During the course you will have 2 practical assignments to complete. These assignments are designed to give you the opportunity to practice the BPMN v2 modelling notational skills you have learned. You will receive individualised feedback on your assignments from your dedicated tutor.
  • Each lesson has one or two multiple choice quizzes for you to complete. These are designed to enhance your learning and knowledge gained after each lesson.
  • Your course also contains lots of videos, student notes and case studies to read and learn from. Student notes and case studies are downloadable as PDF files.

Self paced & On demand

Our online courses are all in the format of short online lessons which you can start and stop at any time. You set the pace for your own training and we follow it. You have 12 months from enrolment during which time you can finish your training.

Tutor Support & Assignment feedback

You have full online access to your assigned tutor for questions as you progress through each lesson. Your assigned tutor will also review your practical assignments and provide personalised feedback.

Learning Management Portal

All of your course content and interaction with your tutor will be via our BAE Learning Management Portal. It is a user friendly and easy to use online platform that you can access from any where in the world and from any device.


IIBA Endorsed Training

This course is IIBA® Endorsed and you will earn 21 PD hours / CDUs upon successful completion.


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