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LIMITED TIME 50% DISCOUNT: Are you preparing for the ECBA™ exam? If yes, then this is the perfect way to test your exam readiness! We’ve created a simulation exam with 50 multiple choice exam questions that you need to pass within 60 minutes! Can you do it?


Key benefits of taking a mock or simulation exam before doing the real exam, include the following:

  • You build your confidence before exam day!
  • You get a realistic idea of how much study you still need to do and when you are ready to take it and succeed.
  • Give your learning brain a preview of what to expect on the day!
  • It's a safe environment to learn in an interactive way.

What is included?

This ECBA™ mock exam includes the following great features:

  • BABOK® v3 aligned theory, recall questions covering knowledge areas and important ECBA level techniques
  • A timed mock exam to make sure you can pass within the real timeframe set by the IIBA® 
  • 50 Multiple choice questions to test your preparation and knowledge!
  • Feedback on whether each answer you give is correct or incorrect.
  • Downloadable results in PDF format
  • Repeat the mock exam as many times as you like!
  • You have access for 12 months!

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