Business Analysis Coaching with Real World Project (6 sessions + project )

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Book 6-sessions of Business Analysis coaching with a real world project assignment to add to your resume. This type of coaching is suitable for anyone who need assistance in the following areas: Start your Business Analysis career the right way. Get an expert's help with Business Analysis project deliverable support and guidance. Learn Business Analysis techniques and principles first hand. Get certification exam support. Real world project assignment where you work as a volunteer BA to earn real world experience and a reference (if successfully completed)


  • You sign up for 6 sessions with a CBAP® certified coach.
  • Each session will be conducted via Zoom and will be approximately 30 - 45 minutes long.
  • Sessions are done in 6 pre-scheduled sessions, either weekly, fortnightly or monthly.
  • If you can't make a session, you must notify your coach at least 24 hours prior to your session.
  • You are also enrolled for 1 IIBA® endorsed course (course selected depends on your needs).
  • You are assigned a real world project to deliver specific business analysis deliverables for.


Once you and your coach agreed the goals of the sessions, you will work against a Session Plan to ensure you achieve your goals set. You will be required to do some homework after every session to ensure you are gaining the required skills and knowledge.

Real world Project: You may be part of a virtual team or be required to work on your own to deliver a real world, live project for Business Analysis Excellence Pty Ltd. You will receive a formal reference from us if you complete this assignment successfully.


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