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The Breakthrough Course Which Helps You Pass Your CBAP® And Secure An Influential, High-Paying Job

Find Out How You Can Get The BABOK® V3.0 Core Practitioner Course With A $497 Discount! Plus, Get The BA Master Practitioner Course FREE, Giving You Everything You Need To Qualify For & Pass The CBAP® Exam So You Can Advance Your Career!

Developed By Experienced Business Analysts

35 Professional Development Hours

Covers All BABOK® V3.0 Chapters

Tutor Support

Detailed Written Material + Engaging Video Content

Online And On-demand Learning

IIBA® Approved

CBAP® Preparatory Course

Developed By Experienced Business Analysts

35 Professional Development Hours

Covers All BABOK® V3.0 Chapters

Tutor Support

Detailed Written Material + Engaging Video Content

Online And On-demand Learning

IIBA® Approved

CBAP® Preparatory Course

Take Your Business Analyst Skills To The Next Level And Forge A Successful Path In A Growing Industry

At Business Analysis Excellence, we provide in-depth industry accredited training which upskills analysts and helps them advance their careers. Our latest course, the BABOK® V3.0 Core Practitioner Master Course, contains detailed and engaging content which gives you the best possible preparation for the CBAP® certification.

With the powerful knowledge you’ll discover in this course, you’ll pass the CBAP® exam – guaranteed. You’ll also be able to take the next step in your career and move onto higher paying, more dynamic and influential positions!

Become Irreplaceable To Your Organisation And Command Greater Respect In Your Workplace

Are you undervalued by your organisation? Are you sick of completing monotonous tasks which don’t take full advantage of your skillset? The Core Practitioner Course will release your untapped potential and take your professional skills to the next level.

You’ll open up a range of opportunities in your career and increase your chances of getting an influential role which allows you to make a difference. You’ll become irreplaceable to your organisation – they’ll hang off your every word and treat your ideas with the respect they deserve.

Upskill Your Resumé With An IIBA® Accredited Course So You Can Earn A Higher Salary

If you’re stuck on an average wage working for an organisation which doesn’t understand your true value, the Core Practitioner Course course could provide the breakthrough you’re searching for. Not only will you become an expert in your field, the course is industry accredited so you’ll be able to list it on your CV.

Your new skills will help you secure a better job and give you greater ammunition when negotiating a pay rise. You’ll finally be able to work for an organisation which understands your value – and pays you accordingly.

Ace The CBAP® Exam, Improve Your Career Prospects And Start Earning A Higher Salary

Take Your Career To The Next Level!

  • I just wanted to drop you a short note to let you know that I passed my CCBA certification exam today. Your courses helped enormously in getting me up to the required knowledge level for a certified BA and to have a good comprehension of the BABOK Guide. So, thanks very much for the help provided by you and your team!

    A Molner, Australia

  • The case studies let me understand the techniques in detail. I was appreciated by my tutor and she encouraged me to perform better each time when the assignments are submitted. The lessons allowed me to learn the topics as much detail and practical as possible so that I could start applying the knowledge and techniques in my current and future projects. I would definitely recommend this course to my colleagues who want to become CBAP certified.

    V Ganapathy, NSW, Australia

Ace The CBAP® Exam, Improve Your Career Prospects And Start Earning A Higher Salary

Here’s A Brief Rundown Of What You’ll Discover During The BABOK® V3.0 Core Practitioner Master Course…

  • The Skillset You Need To Reach New Heights In Your Career The framework outlines all the knowledge you need to master the role of a modern business analyst and become a thought leader in your industry

  • Quickly Advance Your Career And Secure A Higher Paying Job List an IIBA® approved course on your Resumé and – before long – a CBAP® Certification too, which could see your salary increase by 16% or more!

  • Detailed And Engaging Content Devised By Industry Leaders Animated videos, real world case studies and interactive quizzes allow you to breeze through the content and commit everything to memory with ease

  • CBAP® Exam Preparation To Ensure You Pass The First Time Equipped with all the relevant learning material, you’ll walk confidently into to the CBAP® exam and ace it on your first attempt without breaking a sweat!

  • Instantly Gain 38 Hours Of Professional Development Credits By completing all the included modules you’ll achieve your required PD hours, making you ready to take the CBAP® exam the moment you finish the course

Ace The CBAP® Exam, Improve Your Career Prospects And Start Earning A Higher Salary

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Why Settle For Inferior Options When You Can Take An In-Depth Course Which Progresses Your Career?

We offer the most comprehensive and up-to-date online business analysis course available. Where other courses give a broad overview only, the Core Practitioner Course incorporates the required depth and detail you need to gain a full understanding of business analysis.

Plus, as part of the course you will have direct contact with a CBAP® certified tutor who gives you guidance and support along the way – as well as 1-on-1 online coaching to enhance your real-world skills. You’ll upskill your knowledge, improve your career outlook and gain the necessary skills to become an industry-leading analyst.

Ace The CBAP® Exam, Improve Your Career Prospects And Start Earning A Higher Salary

Students Are Loving The Business Analysis Excellence Course!

Ace The CBAP® Exam, Improve Your Career Prospects And Start Earning A Higher Salary

Walk Into The CBAP® Exam Full Of Confidence And Know You Will Pass With Flying Colours

Real-world exam simulations, 270 multiple choice questions and a comprehensive overview of all BABOK® V3.0 chapters – the Core Practitioner Course is designed to ensure you pass the CBAP® exam. Combined with the bonus Business Analysis Master Practitioner Course, you’ll even gain the required 35+ hours of professional development credits.

You’ll walk into the exam full of confidence knowing there will be no surprises and you’ll pass it with ease. After adding your new qualification to your CV, you’ll finally be able to secure a sought-after role so you can be rewarded for all your hard work.

Discover Valuable Information And Advanced Material From Experienced Business Analysts

Unlike the majority of online courses, all our material has been developed by CBAP® certified Business Analysts with decades of international work experience and strong academic backgrounds. With 16-22 hours’ worth of lessons, detailed written material and 70 animated videos, you’ll gain exclusive insight into business analysis from industry experts who know what it takes to succeed.

analysis from industry experts who know what it takes to succeed. The detailed content is available on demand – so you can complete it from any device at a time that suits you. Plus, you have a year’s access to the material so you can refer to it anytime you need!

Ace The CBAP® Exam, Improve Your Career Prospects And Start Earning A Higher Salary

The Business Analysis Excellence Double Guarantee

1. Our 60-Day Money Back Guarantee

We are committed to providing our students with the best education possible so that they can take their skills to the next level. If you aren’t sold on the course for whatever reason we will refund you every single cent of your purchase. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

2. We’ll Pay For You To Re-Sit Your Professional Certification

We are confident the knowledge you gain from completing our course will give you the exact tools and information to be able to go into the CBAP® exam environment and succeed. For this reason, in the unlikely chance that you fail to pass your exam, we will pay for you to re-sit it. No questions asked.

Ace The CBAP® Exam, Improve Your Career Prospects And Start Earning A Higher Salary

Hear Why Aspiring Analysts Love The BABOK® V3.0 Core Practitioner Course…

I will increase the use of the BABOK at work and adopt more techniques especially around Strategy Analysis. The strengths of the training for me were the group activities, trainers, structure and additional but relevant information around stakeholder management and soft skills.

- Ankush Manuja

The BABOK can be an intimidating document to digest. This course summarised the key areas to focus on extremely well. In particular, the interactive presentations and the quizzes were user-friendly and easy to follow. I was sceptical going in but decided to purchase the course as online/self-paced is my preferred learning style. My expectations were universally exceeded and I will be recommending this course to all BA's I know.

- K Alexander

I just wanted to drop you a short note to let you know that I passed my CCBA certification exam today. Your courses helped enormously in getting me up to the required knowledge level for a certified BA and to have a good comprehension of the BABOK Guide. So, thanks very much for the help provided by you and your team!

- A M

I have finished all the assignments. I want to tell you that I have learn so much from this course and I want to start a another course with you as soon as I got my results. How ever i really enjoyed learning from you and thank you soo much for all your help.

- Nipun Manatunga

Brilliant content. Really helpful to people considering becoming a BA, to experienced BAs wanting to brush up on their skills or get fresh ideas.

- Jenny Ward

They give you more that just contents about being a BA but also provide you the information on how to be the best BA! Awesome!

- Masipag Juantamad

Find Out How You Can Get The Complete BABOK® V3.0 Core Practitioner Master Course Today For Just $597(Normally $1094)

The Business Analysis Excellence Complete BABOK® V3.0 Core Practitioner Master Course is a must have course for any aspiring Business Analyst. It’s packed full of key concepts and principles of the best practices of business analysis, as well as practical applications of the use of frameworks and techniques in a real life setting.

  • Designed specifically for CBAP® examinations so you know exactly what to expect when you take the exams

  • IIBA® PD Hours/CDUs: 22

  • 16-22 lesson hours*

  • 70 animated videos

  • Case studies for deep dive research and analysis

  • Exam Prep

  • Real-world Exam simulations

  • On Demand Content streamed from any device at your own pace

  • Tutor support and feedback on hand

  • 270 multiple choice questions to prep your knowledge and test your skills and understanding

  • Downloadable detailed student notes, based on the BABOK v3 Guide All notes and tips downloadable and accessible at any time

  • Suitable for people who are working in, or moving into, the sphere of business analysis

MODULE 1: Business Analysis Breakdown
  • We’ll reveal the exclusive little known tips and tricks on how to become a sought after Business Analyst

  • Find out exactly what business analysis is and how it applies to your work and what you do (and how you can use it to take the guesswork out of your job!)

  • How to talk shop with the best business analysts of the industry and understand key concepts and terms unknown to those outside the industry (and what you can do to leverage this in your next interview)

  • The key fundamentals of business requirements and how to establish and define laser focused requirements for any industry or business

  • How to pin-point the differences between functional requirements and design specifications so you can establish a clearly articulated and defined objective for any project

  • How to define the key personnel on a project and the exact steps you need to follow to keep them engaged and focused on the task at hand

MODULE 2: Business Analysis Planning And Monitoring
  • How to plan a world class business analysis approach for any project using this highly effective framework developed by industry leaders which ticks every box and will have projects delivering much better solutions than estimated.

  • How to liaise and communicate clearly and effectively with any stakeholder no matter their position or their background using these 3 simple methods for communication designed to get results

  • How to unpack and develop bulletproof business analysis governance so every single person on a project knows their role and what is required of them

  • How to dissect the key performance indicators of a plan and identify areas of improvement in a matter of seconds

MODULE 3: Elicitation And Collaboration
  • How to grasp the practice of requirements elicitation with the confidence of a 20+ year business analyst

  • The number one tip to conducting thorough elicitation throughout the entire project (98% of business analysts forget this fundamental rule!)

  • How to validate and match the stated requirements of all stakeholders so you have completely covered and addressed all problems and concerns

  • The secret method to communicating business analysis information to all stakeholders, no matter their level of expertise!

  • How to bring a group of stakeholders together and effectively translate and collaborate their needs and expectations

  • How to avoid project and communication breakdowns at all stages of a project with this clear and simple technique

MODULE 4: Requirements Life Cycle Management
  • How to carry out and manage all requirements through a project lifecycle using trace requirements (one of the fundamental techniques of the business analyst’s arsenal)

  • How to combat any mishaps or potential project destabilisers and what you need to know to overcome them

  • 5 tips for effective requirements management that will have your project running on time so you can prepare for the impact of something going wrong

  • The fundamental list of requirements prioritisation techniques that have been forgotten in modern business analyst circles that will completely change the way you address requirements

  • The best practices for assessing requirements changes and how to manage the impact across a project lifecycle (no matter the size of the impact!)

  • How to appropriately manage and make stakeholders accountable for requirements using these powerful approval techniques

  • The “balancing act” of knowing what’s ready for development and what’s ready to go even if there’s change requests coming from key stakeholders at every stage of the project

MODULE 5: Strategy Analysis
  • What you must know to establish a baseline using current state analysis and how to leverage this to streamline any and all processes moving forward

  • The differences between current and future state analysis and the 1 little thing most analysts get wrong when defining the differences that can have massive ramifications

  • How to look into the future and effectively plan for every single risk that will pop up so your project isn’t derailed at the final hurdle

  • What you need to know when defining a change strategy for any project and how to avoid these costly mistakes when managed incorrectly

MODULE 6: Requirements Analysis & Design Definition
  • The business analyst blueprint for specifying requirements that will have you crafting clearly articulated requirements in a matter of a few days

  • The 8 characteristics of requirements quality and how to use these as the basis for every single requirement you will ever write

  • The 6 life changing verification methods you can use today to get a deeper understanding of whether your requirements will hold up

  • How to create bulletproof requirements and the 3 flexible ways you can approach requirements validation so you don’t have to go back to the drawing board

  • What every business analyst needs to know about business architecture and how to avoid spending hours negotiating and refining with stakeholders

  • The number one fatal mistake all stakeholders make when developing solutions and solution concepts and how you can avoid pouring hours of development and money into something that doesn’t solve a problem

  • The key to analyse the value of a design versus the costs of a solution that will see you meeting requirements and providing all stakeholders with the best information to make a decision

MODULE 7: Different Business Analysis Perspectives
  • The age of agile perspectives and how you can tap into this methodology for effective delivery of any project

  • Best practices for business intelligence to streamline, optimise and maintain operations

  • What is the Business Architecture Perspective and how this can impact decision making on a business level

  • The common frameworks for Business Architecture Perspective and what you need to know to build a coherent strategy

  • The Business Process Management Perspective and what you need to know for continued improved and optimization

MODULE 8: Solution Evaluation
  • The 2 main solution performance influencers and how to manage it well no matter what the situation

  • 3 examples of performance measures and how you can use these to analyse performance thoroughly and without missing a thing

  • How to pinpoint solution limitations and what you need to know to be able to plan against them

  • How to assess enterprise level limitations that can have an impact by restricting performance

  • How business analysts can create value and create positive change for an organization no matter the size of the project

MODULE 9: Underlying Competencies Of the Business Analyst
  • An overview of Analytical Thinking and Problem Solving for a Business Analyst and the competencies you must understand

  • The 6 main ingredients all Business Analysts must have in order to be successful in the field (and how you can learn them fast!)

  • How to understand a business and organisation inside out without having to spend years researching and working with them

  • The communication and interaction skills all Business Analysts need to understand and have to be successful in the industry

  • The 7 most important tools of a Business Analyst and how they will completely transform the way they work


Important Business Analysis Techniques Every Business Analyst Needs To Succeed (Value $297)

This module will build upon the key frameworks and fundamentals you’ve already learned in the other modules of this course. Here, you’ll get further tips as well as the opportunity to unpack key concepts and techniques so that you have a well-rounded and comprehensive understanding of the Business Analysis world. Here’s some of what you’ll go through:

  • Business Capability Analysis

  • Business Rules Analysis

  • Data Dictionary

  • Data Flow Diagrams

  • Financial Analysis

  • Functional Decomposition

  • Business Case

  • Concept Model

  • Data Modelling

  • Decision Analysis

  • Estimation

  • Glossary

  • Business Model Canvas

  • Collaborative Games

  • What Is Data Mining

  • Document Analysis

  • Focus Groups

  • Interface Analysis

Ace The CBAP® Exam, Improve Your Career Prospects And Start Earning A Higher Salary

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For A Limited Time Only You’ll Also Get The Bonus Business Analysis Master Practitioner Course

For a strictly limited time, anyone who signs up for the BABOK® Core Practitioner Course will also get exclusive access to the Business Analysis Master Practitioner Course absolutely FREE (Valued at $497). This course builds on key concepts of Business Analysis and delves deeper into strategy analysis. Recommended for any Business Analyst or professional wanting to progress their knowledge and learn about analysing the organisation at an enterprise level.

  • BABOK® 3.0 aligned and the perfect building block to prepare for Professional

  • Certifications, IIBA® CBAP® or CCBA®

  • IIBA® Endorsed and earn a further 16 PD hours

  • Each course lesson is 1-2 hours, for a duration of 16 hours in total

  • Each lesson has two multiple choice quizzes

  • Videos, student notes and downloadable case studies

  • Tutor support and feedback

  • Self-paced course structure

Here’s some of the material you’ll discover as part of this course:

  • Business Organisations, goals and objectives and how to understand the core structures of a business

  • Information System Strategy and the role of information technology, development and system types

  • Business needs from their current state, how to analyse for future growth and development and much more!

  • Determine and implement solution approach, assess risks and decision modelling Plus much more!


Our exclusive report “Success Secrets for the Business Analyst's Mind” - The report contains 85+ plus pages of Business Analysis Career Advice as well as resume writing tips and certification advice and much, much more! (Value $97)

The Business Analysis Excellence: Career Class: How To Get Paid $20,000 More As A Certified Business Analyst - You’ll discover 3 simple ways you can stand out from the pack and command a salary increase worth $20,000 (Value $197)

Ace The CBAP® Exam, Improve Your Career Prospects And Start Earning A Higher Salary

Need More Information? Here Are The Questions We Get Asked The Most By Our Clients…

1. When does this program start?

This program starts as soon as you enrol online. Your assigned CBAP® tutor will get in touch within 24 hours and be available to answer any questions as you learn. You can however start the training online straight away.

2. Does this program provide mock exams?

Yes, this program includes more than 250 multiple choice exam style questions plus an additional study guide with a further 2 online industry aligned CBAP® mock exams.

3. How long does it take to finish the program?

You have a total of 12 months to complete the training modules in the program however, you can work at your own pace and finish the training much faster than that. You and your tutor will discuss your individual goals and timeframes to work out what will work best for your individual aspirations.

4. What is the pass rate of people who finish this program?

We have helped hundreds of people prepare with our CBAP® preparation program and every person who came back to us with their CBAP® exam results have passed the exam the first time. So from that perspective, we have a 100% pass rate. Please note that no education provider have access to the full CBAP® exam pass rate numbers and we are therefore dependent on voluntary information provided via our own students feedback.

5. Is this program endorsed by the IIBA®?

Yes, every course in this program is IIBA® endorsed. This means you earn a total of 38 PD hours as a result of finishing this training program. You can use these PD hours towards your CBAP® application for certification or re-certification.

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